About Us

iWiW was conceptualized in 2019 as new Social Networking Platform on TRON blockchain. Social networking sites are platforms where users can build networks of professional, social and personal relationships, join groups of shared interests, share content and ideas, maintain relationships.

In mid of 2019 the project faced a crisis if form of leadership exiting the project and almost bringing the platform to closure. However as destiny would have it, a bunch of individuals from the community and the administration group got together and took on the endeavour to revive the project and created a true decentralized platform based on value of trust and transparency. Today iWiW is a community network. It is a next generation online social community platform for social nomads where users can connect with their friends, browse content and acquire tokens according to their contribution.

Salient Features:

  • Community driven.
  • 80% commercial profit share through:
    • P2P Marketplace.
    • Games/DApps profit share.
    • Job Plugin Ads fee.
    • P2P Tipping and airdrop system network fee.
    • Classified Subscriptions.
    • Freelancing Jobs.
    • Contest Fees.
  • Data and Privacy protection.
  • Single platform for individuals & business.
  • Free platform for individual & group chats, audio & video calls, Photograph and content uploads.
  • Free marketplace for content creators.
  • Cryptocurrency and Fiat payment gateway integration.
  • Community driven team.